Mission Statement

It takes a woman to teach women. Let’s face it we’re physically different, but just as capable. With the right tools, we can get the job done. All my classes are designed to provide secure and safe handling of firearms, as well as protection of the self, in an actual fire fight. I want everyone, regardless of age or ability to learn how to be safe around firearms, and their proper use and deployment. I am military trained and you will find my teaching designed to protect you and your family from an assailant. I do follow the NRA guidelines in courses, with additional information provided.

To provide initial certification and recertification for armed security and law enforcement Individuals who want to learn the correct and safe handling of firearms and need to be certified or re-certified in armed services for the state of Arizona.

Nathine Tereana Goldenthal:
Chief Instructor

The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructor, National Rifle Association Life Member, NRA Certified Instructor for Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Refuse to be a Victim.

Arizona Department of Public Safety, Firearms Instructor Law Enforcement. Certification and recertification of armed services (guards, police, detectives, etc) for Arizona.

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